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Memorable Commercial Voiceover From The Guy Next Door

For decades, major brands have relied on commercial advertising to engage customers. We can all recite memorable commercials from our childhoods. The jingles, taglines, and catchphrases from our favorite commercials stay with us years after a spot has stopped airing.

Favorite commercial voices sound like someone we know and love. One way that clients can find top-level talent when they need a commercial voiced is to check out the existing work of experienced artists like Jim Fronk.

Jim Fronk is a professional male commercial voiceover artist with an upbeat and friendly tone. His voice has been described as conversational, trustworthy, and engaging. When needed, Jim can also really turn up the humor and bring a comical and animated sound to any commercial spot. 

The Voice of Skill and Experience


Television commercials, radio spots, and social media ads require voice actors who can grab an audience’s attention and capture a brand’s identity. With extensive experience in commercial voice over, Jim’s happy clients include Harley Davidson, McDonald’s, Jesse James All American Whiskey, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Sal’s Pizza, to name a few! 

If you are looking to have your commercial voiced by a confident professional voice actor with a conversational tone, Jim Fronk delivers with skill every time. Jim enjoys the versatility of commercial voiceover, because it gives him a chance to expand his voice and demonstrate his flexibility. He has worked with several noteworthy coaches, including Tina Morasco, J. Michael Collins, Kristin Paiva,Terry Berland, Portia Scott, Scott Parkin, Tim Powers, and Carol Kimball.

Why work with Jim?

Commercial voice acting is so important because it helps brands advertise their product or service and reach their target audience. Working with a professional talent enhances the success of TV commercials and advertising spots in other forums. Jim enjoys sharpening his skills and exploring the many styles that commercial voiceover has to offer. 


Most importantly, Jim’s voice sounds friendly and familiar. His voice is one you feel you’ve been hearing your entire life. Jim reminds listeners of a friend or neighbor, someone whose opinion they care about. This engaging sound will ensure that a brand, product, or service reaches the masses. 


Jim works from a broadcast-quality home studio which features professional level equipment. This allows him to provide clients with outstanding sound files for all projects. Since his booth is his happy place, he has great availability and lightning-fast turnaround time. Clients appreciate Jim’s ability to provide great work, but they also find him fun to work with. 


One of Jim’s unique experiences is his extensive work in radio. Radio is a fast-paced broadcasting medium that requires many skills, not the least of which is advertising and promoting products, services, and events. Jim’s years in radio make him a great candidate for the commercial world because of the strong foundation he has already built!


Jim’s friendly and laid back demeanor make each recording session a positive experience for everyone. To work with Jim, reach out for a quote or custom audition today!

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