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Video Game Voiceover from an OG Gamer

I'm living a childhood dream! Video game voiceover is an extremely exciting aspect of my voice acting work. The video game industry is exploding (pun intended).

Check out Jim's character TON in Breaker's World on Steam

Video games have become extremely advanced over time. Gone are the days where dialogue between video game characters could only be read as subtitles on a screen. In the modern world of gaming, the voice acting is just as impressive as the acting on television shows and in movies. Elaborate storylines with detailed objectives and conflicts now exist in a number of games. The video game industry now requires experienced voice actors to bring game characters to life. 


Video game characters have backstories and relationships that are as relatable to players as those in their real lives. Voice acting for video games has reached a new level of creativity and skill. In recent years, we’ve even seen storylines that originated in video games being converted to television shows and feature-length films. 


This type of storytelling requires a wild imagination from the actors who deliver it. Jim Fronk is a professional male voice actor for video games who is a self-proclaimed OG gamer. His love of gaming dates all the way back to the days of Pong! He has watched video games evolve over the decades, and working in this genre has been a dream come true for him. 


Gaming developers are always looking for unique character voices for their video game projects. The job requires voice actors to produce excellent dialogue, sound effects, fight sounds and more. Jim’s bold acting choices and excellent sound files from his broadcast-quality recording booth allow him to deliver outstanding work with fast turnaround time. 

Why work with Jim? 


With vocal stylings that have been described as authoritative and commanding, engaging and trusted, or even sarcastic and evil, Jim’s versatility is unmatched. He is particularly proud to have voiced a non-player character named TON in Breaker’s World, which is currently available on Steam. As a kid, Jim always pictured himself in the games that he loved to play. Now that he’s able to actually voice modern games, it has become one of the thrills of his professional career. 


Jim’s decades of experience playing games have given him a well-rounded knowledge of the many different styles and genres of video games. It is widely accepted that many of the best video game voice actors are those who are avid players themselves. 


Jim’s clients, colleagues, and friends love his go-getter attitude and creative spin on voiceover copy. He brings something fresh to the table with each and every read. His enthusiasm for the artform is infectious, and he looks forward to making new connections in the world of video games. To work with Jim, reach out for more information today!

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