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Bobby Alcott is one of us, a voice actor. And he is co-founder of CastVoices with Liz Atherton. Bobby was recently diagnosed with very aggressive, advanced prostate cancer. This was right on the heels of an extended hospital stay for something else that almost wiped them out financially. For the last two months Bobby has been taking meds to prepare him for the next two+ months of hell. On Tuesday, Bobby begins the work (it starts with a body cast) for 39 radiation treatments that we hope will stop this vicious, unfair beast in its tracks. We hope. I had to fight like hell get them to let me ask our community for help. But, it had to be done. The radiation treatments alone are expected to exceed $50K. This doesn't even take into consideration the loss of income, the impact to the family, the other medications... the list goes on. They are literally at a place where selling their house may be the only alternative. Please help if you can. Please.

Fundraiser to Help Bobby Alcott


100% of Proceeds go to the Cause

$10 RAFFLE - TINA MORASCO's Voice Over Library $475 value (lifetime access)
$10 RAFFLE - TINA MORASCO's Voice Over Library $475 value (lifetime access)
Nov 21, 2023, 9:30 AM
Online Drawing
This video resource library is my answer to every coaching client who’s ever said, “I wish I had you on my shoulder for every audition.” Well… ask and you shall receive!!
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