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Skilled Voiceover for Corporate Narration and More

Voiceover narrations cover a lot of ground. Corporate narrations may include new hire information, product development, training, and eLearning, among others. This very important tool allows businesses and companies to provide information to employees and customers in a professional and reliable manner. Information about products, services, incentives, and policies should be delivered by a trustworthy and educated voice over narrator. 

Jim Fronk is a professional male voice over talent for narration projects with a caring, confident, trusted, and engaging sound. He is both professional and relatable, with a voice that sounds like a familiar colleague or friend. Having been coached in voiceover narration by J. Michael Collins and Tim Powers, Jim enjoys both the informational and storytelling aspects of voice over narration. 

Working with an experienced corporate narrator for internal trainings, external communications, and corporate videos ensures that your target audience is reached with ease. One important reason to work with a professional voice actor for narration projects is to ensure that information on a product or service is delivered as consistently as possible.

Why work with Jim?


Jim has voiced narration projects for Guidepoint Securities and Privy Project Productions. His professional narrations have helped companies to communicate important information to listeners in a friendly and approachable manner. Jim’s genuine warmth and casual stylings make his narrations easy to digest and fun to listen to.


When considering why narration is so important, imagine yourself needing to sit through a long corporate training or narrated video. We can all think of a time when we had to participate in a long professional development activity that felt like it would never end. Experiences like this can be completely transformed when the right voice is delivering the content. 


Jim’s many years of experience in broadcasting and voiceover have helped him connect with countless audiences. He loves his work behind the microphone, and this genuine passion makes it possible for him to really draw the listener in. In the world of narration, this means they will remain focused and attentive. All of the important information will be heard, and nothing will fall between the cracks. 


To connect with Jim today about your next narration project, reach out for a sample or quote!

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