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eLearning And Medical Narration From A Voice You Can Trust

What is eLearning?

eLearning is a broad genre of voiceover that includes any form of digital learning. It often ranges from online courses at universities to at-home learning tools in areas of specific interest. To further understand eLearning, you might imagine that it includes anything that might help a student, customer, employee, or individual learn more about a chosen topic.

Voice actors are able to make eLearning courses more enjoyable for all audiences. The eLearning industry continues to develop quality eLearning course materials that are enhanced by the great actors and narrators who voice them.

What is Medical Narration?


Medical narration includes information about health services, illnesses, medications, medical devices, and procedures. Medical narration voiceovers may be geared toward patients who are seeking to learn more about their health and wellness. These types of voiceovers may also be used to deliver important medical information to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in the form of training videos and more. 


The medical field needs to be able to communicate important safety information from a trustworthy voice. Healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and patients alike deserve a knowledgeable and informative medical voice that is clear and specific. 

Why work with Jim?


Jim Fronk is a professional male voiceover artist for medical narration and eLearning with a caring approach to his work. His voice has been described as informative, trusted, and conversational. Because eLearning and medical narration come in many styles, Jim’s versatility really comes in handy for these genres. 


Whether your target audience is comprised of children or professionals, Jim’s friendly and approachable sound will suit the needs of your eLearning materials or medical narration content. He has been coached in medical narration and eLearning by J. Michael Collins. 


Jim’s high-quality voice recordings allow him to make learning modules feel more like conversations. Listeners will feel like they have spent time with a friend, learning new and engaging material and figuring out what’s what.


The benefits of eLearning and medical narration are vast. Each of these categories can provide listeners with essential information. eLearning tends to be fun and informative while medical narration is detailed and thorough. Whatever the subject matter may be, voiceover artists must be able to promote learner engagement for all viewers and listeners. 


And when it comes to engagement, Jim Fronk is the right guy for the job. Perhaps his best quality in these genres is his approachability. Everyone wants the learning experience to be fun and easy to take in. No one wants to endure a dense, tedious narration, so why not go with the guy who makes learning fun and engaging?


Interested in working with Jim Fronk for your next voiceover narration? Reach out for a quote or custom audition today. 

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