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ADR / Dubbing

Dubbing and ADR from an Experienced Voice Talent

House with Lillies tv show picture

Two crucial branches of the voiceover world are Dubbing and ADR. Although these words may sound somewhat familiar to some, very few really know what they mean. What is Dubbing? And what is ADR? First, it’s important to understand that when it comes to the audio associated with our favorite shows and movies, the sound isn’t always recorded in real time. Sometimes sound has to be added or replaced later for a number of reasons.

Guddu tv show picture

Dubbing is used when sound needs to be recorded in more than one language. This allows foreign films and television shows to be translated into any number of languages, rather than just relying on subtitles to make them accessible to those who don’t speak the language they were originally recorded in. Once a show or movie has been made in its original language, actors in other countries can re-record the dialogue in various additional languages. 


ADR stands for Automated or Audio Dialogue Replacement. ADR is usually used when actors need to re-record their own lines for more clarity, better volume, or improved quality. ADR can also be used to fill in missing audio. In this case, actors will watch back performances and re-record the lines to improve the overall quality of the project. Dubbing and ADR both require actors to create as close to a lip-movement match as possible. 

Jim Fronk is a professional male Dubbing and ADR voice actor with tons of experience. Having played lead roles in House with the Lilies as well as being featured in Major and Magic, Fury, The Greek Woman, Gangs of Rostov, and multiple characters in Guddu, Jim’s impressive resumé proves his excellence in foreign language dubbing and other skills that come along with these categories of voiceover.

Why work with Jim? 


Jim’s believable, relatable tone and versatile acting styles have continuously made him an excellent candidate for this type of work. Whether a filmed project is replacing original dialogue with new dialogue or recreating an entire story in a new language, Jim is up to the task. Certainly, these two areas of voiceover require a high level of skill and attention to detail. 


ADR for various television and film projects, Dubbing anime, and foreign language Dubbing are all challenging aspects of the industry. They call on performers to focus and zoom in on performances that already exist and transform them in some way. Experienced English dub voice actors and ADR voice actors can enhance film and television projects by making them more versatile or fine tuned. 


Jim loves the acting aspect of these categories and looks forward to continuing to add projects with major studios in Dubbing and ADR. His great acting skills are particularly useful when studios need voiceover artists for language replacement. His genuine enthusiasm for this category of voice acting will tremendously enhance your next project. To work with Jim, reach out for a quote or custom audition today!

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