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A Fun and Friendly Sound for Animation and Character Voice Over

Animation is, perhaps, the most beloved form of entertainment in the modern world. From feature-length animated films to cartoons for kids, the character voices we hear on our favorite programs make a lasting impression on audiences of all ages. 

There was a time when animation seemed like it was only for children, but over time, the world of animation has expanded. We now see animated content for people of all ages. The vastness of the industry means that voice actors with range and flexibility are needed all the time!

Have I got a guy for you!


Jim Fronk is a professional male animation voice actor with a wacky and funny approach. He is uninhibited and creative in the booth, and he has the confidence to make bold acting choices. He is extremely versatile and can sound like a warm and silly dad or a sarcastic evil villain, depending on the character! 


Animation projects really fall into a category all their own. They require a very specialized set of skills from voice over talents. A successful animation voice over asks artists to bring characters to life with creativity and confidence. 


With training from Kristin Paiva, Aaron Drown, and Julia Pleasants of Disney, Brock Powell, Arianna Ratner, Donna Grillo, and Katie Leigh, Jim has explored the countless styles of animation with experienced professional coaches. He continues to enjoy sharpening his skills as an animation voice actor and feels that there is always something new to discover.


Jim brings many special skills to the table when it comes to animation. Having spent 15 years as a stand-up comedian, Jim brings an in-the-moment energy and creativity to the table each time he enters the booth. Additionally, Jim had the unique experience of working with Bill Farmer, the voice of Disney’s Goofy, on his most recent animation demo!

Why work with Jim?


When asked what he loves about animation and character voiceover, Jim replied, “What’s not to enjoy? The voices in my head ALL get to play! It’s an opportunity to take things to the limit and then even a bit further! The voice of the character comes to life as I’m reading it.”


This is what makes Jim a great cartoon voice actor. His creative choices all come from the person he really is. His ability to produce unique and engaging characters from an authentic place make him an ideal candidate for new projects in the animation industry. Jim’s familiar and relatable tone will reach a wide audience. Children will enjoy his fun and silly side, while adults will enjoy his sarcastic and witty stylings. 


Those who know Jim personally would all agree that he’s just about the most animated guy you could ever meet. He is genuinely warm, funny, and sometimes even a bit mischievous! All of these qualities come together to create the perfect voice over artist for animation and character work.


Jim is eager to meet new clients and demonstrate what he can do behind the mic. Connect with Jim today for a custom sample, quote, or consult!

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